The Art of Aromatherapy

The term ‘aromatherapy’ didn’t appear until the 1930’s, but the practice of aromatherapy has been prevalent for centuries. Its origins are debated, but it is a definite that the most ancient modern civilizations have used it. In other words, it is over 6000 years old. Oh, what’s in a name? Back then they called it ‘healing’ and now we call it ‘aromatherapy’. Big difference.

Aromatherapy uses the earth’s most powerful substances – essential oils. These are derived from plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers. They are distilled in a variety of ways, and what we end up with is a collection of items with some significant healing properties. Essential oils are the kind of substance which bring together the body-mind connection in a big way. Aromatherapists utilize the power of inhalation, to induce certain states of mental and physical awareness. The healing powers of essential oils have been known for centuries, and it is curious that aromatherapy is regarded as “alternative” medicine, when in fact it predates modern medicine by quite some time.


At any rate, it takes a certain amount of open-mindedness to experience the full effects of aromatherapy sessions. It also depends greatly on your therapist and his or her techniques and methods. Also, remember that while essential oils are powerful, there can be many factors which are causing your ailment. As a preventive tool, aromatherapy is great (check out It helps to keep your body and mind balanced, and avoid the things which cause disease to begin with. It is a more holistic approach to medicine from what I have seen, and that resonates perfectly with me and my views. Others are probably not as suitable for it, which is why there are those who consider aromatherapy to be a complete waste of their time. It just might be, in their case. You don’t know until you try, right?

There was one time around November a few years back, when I was feeling general fatigue. I got my blood tested and it showed my B12 was slipping. What can I say? a vegetarian life comes with a price sometimes. I wasn’t noticing my B12 intake for a few months, and that was the result. Anyway, it wasn’t in such a state that necessitated B12 shots, but I did decide to begin taking a dietary supplement immediately. Until my B12 could be built up – it takes a few weeks or more, usually – I wanted something to carry me through the holiday season. Aromatherapy was the go-to solution for me.  I went in for a few sessions, and I could feel a general improvement. I began taking a daily B-complex tablet, and carried on

bottles of essence oil with pink flowers – beauty treatment

with my life. The changes were not amazingly dramatic, but I didn’t need them to be. When I started the supplements and aromatherapy, I gradually went back to my old safe. I had no desire to stop my vegetarian diet, so this was the best thing I could do. No, wait. I take that back. The best thing I could have done was pay attention to my diet to begin with. I believe in the age-old adage of “let thy food be thy medicine”, and it was a shame I couldn’t practice what I preach for a few months. Either way, I learned my lesson.


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