Appliance Repair

There’s a Seinfeld bit about a guy going to the bathroom at a house where a party is taking place. Jerry calls it “the most frightening moment in the life of a human being”. It’s the moment when you flush the toilet, and the water starts coming up. You’ll start talking to the toilet, begging it, making promises. Because, as he says, we’re all alone in the bathroom. Whatever happens, we have to handle it. Or do we? Efes Takalot is the best place for you to go for any home repair you might need.

Without getting too graphic here, bathroom issues are always an emergency. The bathroom is such a high-pressure area, that even when the bathroom is perfectly fine, the human is one with the emergency. Either way, there’s a lot going on there, and thanks to modern water and sewer systems, we are able to get a lot of good thinking done. But sometimes things do go wrong. Sometimes, the system kind of breaks down. So who’re you gonna call? Ghostbusters? I’ve tried them. They don’t handle plumbing situations unless there is a demon or spirit inside of your john, like that chick who haunts the girls’ bathroom in the Harry Potter series. But I disagree.

What you need at a time like is not to make foolish promises to your toilet. What you need is someone who can be there in a hurry and make things right. Say what you will about being spoiled and pampered, it’s come to the point where having a working bathroom (an indoor outhouse, to you country folk) is not a luxury but a bare necessity.

I have a plumber – a local Beit Shemesh guy, who also makes visits in the Jerusalem area – who I have been calling for over a decade, maybe close to two by now. He arrives on time, he doesn’t BS, he gives you a fair price, and he sees the work through. Ocassionally, he will send someone in his stead, if he cannot make it. But even then, it is a capable and qualified professional, who does a solid job and provides counsel when necessary. This guy never tries to push anything, and if something doesn’t have to be done, he will say so. I trust him.

There are so many charlatans out there, and many of them won’t ever get the public shaming and criminal record they deserve. Once you find someone you know you can trust; and this doesn’t just have to do with bathrooms. I am talking about all kinds of repairmen and techs, who come to do a job at your place. It can be your oven, your fridge, your washer or drier, your AC. Anything. Once you find a repair guy who is reliable and fair, hold onto him, take his references, listen to his advice, and recommend him to your friends. This is how these guys make money, I believe. Presumably, once something is fixed and the problem is solved, there is no more work for the repairman. The next job comes from you, not becuase you have another problem, but because you recommended him or her.

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