Having Your Own Private Label

Understanding the global supply chain is vital to your business in terms of manufacturing a private label product. The first element of being able to accurately monitor and control this vision of development in the early phases of your business is by aggregating data into manageable data sets with data interpretation systems and algorithms. This will ultimately allow you map out and monitor the supply chain system that your business is operating on and allow you to assess where you can make changes, how you can maximize efficiency and ultimately how to save money whilst not sacrificing on the reliability of your business as a key factor in the chain of supply. By employing a system of data tracking and analyses, you will also be able to monitor your supply chain and therefore be able to make changes in terms of the suppliers you use, the logistics involved with supplying wholesalers with your product as well as open up possible avenues of revenue or other wholesalers who are available to you or have a desire for your private label product.

Logistics is something that many people tend to overlook as being an essential part of their business when they’ve just started a private label enterprise and generally tend to focus more on the physical costs involved with the manufacturing process of the product line as well as the marketing strategy for their label. Although it may be true that having a good marketing strategy, and being able to identify and target the consumers and wholesalers who may be interested in buying or stocking your private label product is an essential part of running a business, mapping out your supply chain and logistics is just as important and can be seen as the most influential part of ‘back office’ administration that any business should consider. Let’s say that you have set up an agreement with a wholesaler and they agree to stock or sell a certain amount of your product on a monthly basis. Well done – you’ve achieved the first step as a private label manufacturer and have set-up a client. This is good as it will be a source of revenue for your business and can allow you to expand on your product line, or increase production – even better the manufacturing process. However, not fracturing in the logistics of getting the product to the wholesaler – if they do not agree to deliver the product themselves can seriously cut into your projected profit margin.

If you thought you were making x before setting up a suitable chain of supply or logistical operation, you can immediately deduct 25% off the top of your projected profit margin on any particular deal. Not to mention having to factor in breakages or damaged goods – which will usually take off another 30% of the money you could be making from that deal. So it’s important to have a reliable supply chain set-up before starting any deals with wholesalers or bulk-buyers , or you could wind up losing out.

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The Scavenger For Lavender

Lavender essential oils has become on of my absolute favorites over the years. I use it on my skin, my hair, and even my pillow. Well, that last one is so it can help me sleep. And it does. I also use it on my partner’s pillow, as well as my kids’. And to think it all started with a free sample.

Lavender is a shrub which I have always loved. I love the color, the scent, the medicial, therapeutic, and culinary properties it has. The whole thing comes together to be one of the best flowers out there. And around where I am, it grows everywhere. I mean everywhere. So it is great to be able to appreciate it in nature and also in bottled form of essential oil.

The essential oil of lavender was one of the first essential I got to know on an intimate and personal basis. I had always loved the way is smelled, and when I found out just how useful it can be in everyday life, I decided to keep a vial of lavender oil in the house on a permanent basis. It goes right there next to the rubbing alcohol and band-aids. If your looking for a new company to get you organic supplements from check out the Facebook page of shop natures design they have amazing stuff!

A drop on your pillow, and you will find that your sleep is (probably) more easily-achieved, more blissful and restful, and generally better. I wake up with better energies when I use it, and sometimes I use a different oil if I feel like it.

Lavender is also great for your skin, your hair, and your scalp. It may not work too well as a standalone hair product, but when incorporated into a product which has other natural ingredients, it is a great thing to have thrown into the combination. It may not – nay, definitely not – have the same effect on everyone, but with me I have found it to be one of the best oils out there. Honeydew products is the definition of organic natural products check them out and pick yourself up a free sample while your at it.

There are different ways to get better skin, better hair, and a better you. Essential oils are a natural way to prevent disease and treat any conditions that you may be going through. I get myself checked out by an MD on a regular basis, but when it comes to treatment, I will go with what my Chinese doctor tells me to do first. Chinese medicine is one which I have a lot more respect for, since it combines body with mind, and does not remove the spiritual and mental factor. Many times, regular MDs will be great doctors, but not really take the mental and spiritual element into account. Nor should they! It is not part of their official training, if they are run-of-the-mill doctors. Even doctors who specialize in the psyche and inner workings of the human mind, like psychiatrists, have some trouble with the body/mind connection. And in traditional medication, like with China, India, and Native American traditions, you may have the ability to learn more about your condition, what brought it on, and what can be done about it from a physical and mental point of view.

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Appliance Repair

There’s a Seinfeld bit about a guy going to the bathroom at a house where a party is taking place. Jerry calls it “the most frightening moment in the life of a human being”. It’s the moment when you flush the toilet, and the water starts coming up. You’ll start talking to the toilet, begging it, making promises. Because, as he says, we’re all alone in the bathroom. Whatever happens, we have to handle it. Or do we? Efes Takalot is the best place for you to go for any home repair you might need.

Without getting too graphic here, bathroom issues are always an emergency. The bathroom is such a high-pressure area, that even when the bathroom is perfectly fine, the human is one with the emergency. Either way, there’s a lot going on there, and thanks to modern water and sewer systems, we are able to get a lot of good thinking done. But sometimes things do go wrong. Sometimes, the system kind of breaks down. So who’re you gonna call? Ghostbusters? I’ve tried them. They don’t handle plumbing situations unless there is a demon or spirit inside of your john, like that chick who haunts the girls’ bathroom in the Harry Potter series. But I disagree.

What you need at a time like is not to make foolish promises to your toilet. What you need is someone who can be there in a hurry and make things right. Say what you will about being spoiled and pampered, it’s come to the point where having a working bathroom (an indoor outhouse, to you country folk) is not a luxury but a bare necessity.

I have a plumber – a local Beit Shemesh guy, who also makes visits in the Jerusalem area – who I have been calling for over a decade, maybe close to two by now. He arrives on time, he doesn’t BS, he gives you a fair price, and he sees the work through. Ocassionally, he will send someone in his stead, if he cannot make it. But even then, it is a capable and qualified professional, who does a solid job and provides counsel when necessary. This guy never tries to push anything, and if something doesn’t have to be done, he will say so. I trust him.

There are so many charlatans out there, and many of them won’t ever get the public shaming and criminal record they deserve. Once you find someone you know you can trust; and this doesn’t just have to do with bathrooms. I am talking about all kinds of repairmen and techs, who come to do a job at your place. It can be your oven, your fridge, your washer or drier, your AC. Anything. Once you find a repair guy who is reliable and fair, hold onto him, take his references, listen to his advice, and recommend him to your friends. This is how these guys make money, I believe. Presumably, once something is fixed and the problem is solved, there is no more work for the repairman. The next job comes from you, not becuase you have another problem, but because you recommended him or her.

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The Art of Aromatherapy

The term ‘aromatherapy’ didn’t appear until the 1930’s, but the practice of aromatherapy has been prevalent for centuries. Its origins are debated, but it is a definite that the most ancient modern civilizations have used it. In other words, it is over 6000 years old. Oh, what’s in a name? Back then they called it ‘healing’ and now we call it ‘aromatherapy’. Big difference.

Aromatherapy uses the earth’s most powerful substances – essential oils. These are derived from plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers. They are distilled in a variety of ways, and what we end up with is a collection of items with some significant healing properties. Essential oils are the kind of substance which bring together the body-mind connection in a big way. Aromatherapists utilize the power of inhalation, to induce certain states of mental and physical awareness. The healing powers of essential oils have been known for centuries, and it is curious that aromatherapy is regarded as “alternative” medicine, when in fact it predates modern medicine by quite some time.


At any rate, it takes a certain amount of open-mindedness to experience the full effects of aromatherapy sessions. It also depends greatly on your therapist and his or her techniques and methods. Also, remember that while essential oils are powerful, there can be many factors which are causing your ailment. As a preventive tool, aromatherapy is great (check out  HoneydewPoducts.com). It helps to keep your body and mind balanced, and avoid the things which cause disease to begin with. It is a more holistic approach to medicine from what I have seen, and that resonates perfectly with me and my views. Others are probably not as suitable for it, which is why there are those who consider aromatherapy to be a complete waste of their time. It just might be, in their case. You don’t know until you try, right?

There was one time around November a few years back, when I was feeling general fatigue. I got my blood tested and it showed my B12 was slipping. What can I say? a vegetarian life comes with a price sometimes. I wasn’t noticing my B12 intake for a few months, and that was the result. Anyway, it wasn’t in such a state that necessitated B12 shots, but I did decide to begin taking a dietary supplement immediately. Until my B12 could be built up – it takes a few weeks or more, usually – I wanted something to carry me through the holiday season. Aromatherapy was the go-to solution for me.  I went in for a few sessions, and I could feel a general improvement. I began taking a daily B-complex tablet, and carried on

bottles of essence oil with pink flowers – beauty treatment

with my life. The changes were not amazingly dramatic, but I didn’t need them to be. When I started the supplements and aromatherapy, I gradually went back to my old safe. I had no desire to stop my vegetarian diet, so this was the best thing I could do. No, wait. I take that back. The best thing I could have done was pay attention to my diet to begin with. I believe in the age-old adage of “let thy food be thy medicine”, and it was a shame I couldn’t practice what I preach for a few months. Either way, I learned my lesson.


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